Who are the sources of the graphs, tables and charts?

All the graphs, tables and chart are created by Francesco Tommasini, using data whose origin is official governments or health institutions.  You can find a link to the sources at the bottom of the every element on covidgraph.com.
The main sources used are:

All the data sourced is analysed, processed, and rendered as a chart without altering the values in any way, as to maintain a high standard for objectivity and reliability.

What is the goal of covidgraph.com?

Its main and ONLY goal is to provide non-sensationalised, objective data, without any opinions.  We initially created the website for personal use, only to avoid opening 8+ tabs 10 times a day. We quickly realised that it could be useful to others, so we bought the domain and made covidgraph.com public. The website is ad-free, with no affiliations and no monetary component; you can’t even donate to us. We believe that information, especially in the difficult time we are living at the moment, should be easily accessible, easy to understand, and without any form of dramatisation or political interest.

How can I donate?

You can’t donate to covidgraph.com. Please donate directly to hospitals: the doctors are on the front-line, working 48h shifts and putting their own wellness, physical AND mental, at risk to save others. At covidgraph we support the Ospedale San Martino, in Genoa, Italy.

How can I contact you?

If you think an information provided on the website is inaccurate, please check the source. If there is a discrepancy between the source and the data we provide, please send an email at admin@covidgraph.com . We will quickly resolve the issue.

If you want to contact Francesco Tommasini, the email is also admin@covidgraph.com.